[bioshock] STOP LAUGHING
  • gantai

hello all!

welcome to the community dedicated to the pseudo-horror victorian-themed manga and anime, kuroshitsuji. the purpose of this comm is mainly for discussion, news, speculation, etc. basically our aim is to be a resource for everything officially kuroshitsuji related. :3

currently, there are only four mods: newspaper, donut, sanoiscari and myself.

as of now, membership and posting are open. if everyone follows the rules there shouldn't be any problems. :)

for now, we've worked out some basic rules, and it is highly suggested you read them:

01. play nice.
this should really go without saying, but treat others as you would like to be treated.

02. no fanworks.
there is a community specifically dedicated to fanworks already: phantomhive. fanworks comprise of fanart, fanfiction, icons, etc. pretty much, if it is not official content, it is a fanwork and not appropriate here. if you post a fanwork here, it will be removed, and you will be asked to repost it on phantomhive. if you are in doubt on whether content is appropriate, ask one of the mods, we don't bite. :)

03. no intro posts.
they simply are unnecessary. everyone should be able to get to know each other and make friends without them. the only exception to this is if and when a new mod is selected, in that case they will make a post so you may recognize who they are.

04. spoilers go under a cut.
this is self-explanatory. if you do not know how to make an lj-cut, this helpful kitty will show you.

05. about merchandise posts...
reviews are wonderful and highly encouraged! so is the sharing of sources to buy official merchandise.

however, if you are making a sales post, only official merchandise is allowed to be sold. we understand you yourself may not know a piece of merchandise is not legit (such as with those false nendoroids floating around) and in these instances you will be notified that that is why your post was removed given one of us mods can tell the difference. on the flipside, if you have merchandise that is not official and you would like to make a post helping people recognize that it is bootlegged or to warn other users of sites that cheat customers this way, that would be fine.

on top of this, no more than one post advertizing merchandise post will be allowed for every two weeks. you may have a single image no more than 300x300 in size as a header, to give users a visual idea of what you are selling. everything else goes under a descriptive cut or link to a personal sales post.

06. please tag posts accordingly.
right now, we have these tags, please use them! if a post falls under numerous categories, please use all tags. (for example, a sales post falls under both "merchandise" as it generally features merchandise as well as "merchandise: selling" as it features merchandise for sale.) if your post is not tagged correctly, a mod will comment on the post asking you to please add them. :)

however, all tags with an !exclamation point in front of them are for mod use only, so please don't use those.

07. please do not delete comments/posts.
this way we can keep track of everything and not have people asking, "what happened to that one post...?" this also means all the resources within or spurred on by a post and comments will also remain.

now, since we are still a relatively new reincarnation of a community, i'll ask you members if there are any concerns or ideas you may have. newspaper, donut, sanoiscari and i will be responding accordingly and having council with each other to try and figure out the best fit for all the members of this community. if there's anything we missed or anything you may have a problem with, don't be afraid to let us know! any feedback would be of considerable help. :)

last but not least, i will be editing this post as new ideas pop up, so please check back occasionally in case something has changed.

also, thanks to capitol for our layout, and newspaper for funding our rename.